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Vivo is committed to offering three years of software updates on its high-end mobiles

Vivo, the Chinese manufacturer has recently announced that all high-end mobiles launched from July 2021 will receive three years of major updates. Means that a mobile launched at the end of this year with Android 11 should receive Android 12, Android 13 and Android 14, in addition to the corresponding security updates.

From Vivo they have emphasized that this policy will apply to premium devices, aka X series mobiles launched from July. This means that the only X series terminal on our borders, the Vivo X51 5G, is out of coverage. The markets in which this policy will apply are Europe, Australia and India.

According to Yujian Shi, Vivo’s senior vice president and chief technology officer, “The X-series flagships are built to last, and we want to make sure our customers get software support that lives up to their expectations.” That is precisely why, the company explains, “we make a promise to our customers that they will be able to enjoy a premium smartphone experience for a long period of time and continue to benefit from the latest software features.”

As we indicated previously, the policy covers the European, Australian and Indian markets and those mobile phones launched as of July 2021 . The question that may arise is what will happen to the X series models launched so far. The answer is that those terminals that are not eligible will continue to receive regular Android security updates.

The officials has not commented on the matter of mid-range and low-end mobiles, so it is expected that the pace of updates will remain as it has been until now. Normally, all manufacturers offer two major updates to the operating system for all mobiles, but it depends on the manufacturer, the models and the ranges. Currently in Spain the company has three more economical range terminals: the Vivo Y70, the Vivo Y20s and the Vivo Y11s .

Vivo is not the only manufacturer that has promised to offer three years of updates for its terminals. Samsung, Google, LG and Nokia have also made a similar commitment, while OPPO has ensured that the Find X3 series will receive an additional year of security updates.

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